Mission Statement

We are Family. . .We are Leaders. . .We are Thinkers. . .We are Edgewood Hawks!

Edgewood Elementary Beliefs

  1. By modeling positive relationships, we will build a positive climate and culture for ALL stakeholders.
  2. We will adopt a “Whatever it Takes” attitude to provide support for personalized learning for the whole child.
  3. Parent and community involvement are essential for the students and school to be successful


About Us

Edgewood Elementary is a brand new, state of the art, PreK-5 elementary school located in Charleston, West Virginia.  This school is a consolidation of Watts Elementary and J.E. Robins Elementary, two historic schools in Kanawha County.  This building is both architecturally stunning and was designed so that even the structure provides a unique learning experience.  The students will learn and participate in managing the innovative systems that have been utilized throughout this eco-friendly building.  Our students are learning about our natural lighting and ventilation systems while also recycling, monitoring the CO2 levels and solar energy processes.

Students here have access to 1:1 technology, high quality teachers, and a blended learning experience.  All students use iPads daily as a learning tool and attend class in the iMac lab once a week.  The teachers have completed extensive hours of professional development to provide high quality lessons and project based learning adventures for our students.  One of our most unique features is our four exploratorium classrooms.  These large spaces provide opportunities to combine students by grade and ability levels to maximize learning.  Second and third graders have two exploratoriums, as do fourth and fifth graders.  Four teachers facilitate a blended learning curriculum in each of these exploratoriums.  They boast common meeting spaces, individual lesson studios, and a shared performance area. Each exploratorium has its own student library and designated areas for science and math activities.  The teachers here strive for excellence in collaboration and designing high depth of knowledge lessons.

Please take time to explore our site.  You will find more information on the parents, staff, and student pages.  Feel free to contact the school if you need any additional information.


Contact Information

550 Hawks Ridge Rd.

Charleston, WV 25302